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Terms & Conditions

1       The Orchid Room Wedding & Event Floral Design reserves the right to change or substitute any foliage or flower to an equal or higher value, if the original choice is unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control.


2    The Orchid Room will deliver and set up your floral designs at the venue/address stated on your contract and at a time agreed by both parties. Please note that all Vases, Mirrors, Candelabras, Bay Trees etc are supplied as hire items and remain the property of The Orchid Room, unless stated otherwise.

3    Any changes made by you to the original contract must be made in person by the Client, and written confirmation sent.  The Orchid Room will not be liable for any changes not being made, if no written confirmation has been received.

4    In the event of cancellation, All booking fees are non refundable, 50% of your quotation/final contracted invoice is to be paid in full if cancelled between 2 years and 4 months before wedding.  Full balance is payable if cancelled less than 4 months before wedding. If your wedding flower quote has been transferred to a new date, the terms and conditions still apply to the original date booked. Ie If your wedding was booked for the 1st August 2019 and you postponed it to 2nd September 2020 - and then cancelled completely - full balance would be payable.

5    It is the Clients responsibility to ensure that all glassware, mirrors, candelabras, bay trees etc are returned in complete, undamaged and clean condition. Returns should be made within one week of wedding, or at a prearranged time.  In the event of The Orchid Room collecting from the wedding venue, the Client will accept full liability if any parts are missing or damaged, and will agree to reimburse The Orchid Room the full cost of replacement. In the event of vases not being cleaned, We will be within our rights to issue an invoice for cleaning cost. The cost of cleaning is currently £50.00. This is not due to flowers, we understand that it is not possible to clean the vases, mirrors etc, straight after your wedding, but if an item is unreasonably soiled, we reserve the rights to charge cleaning costs. The cost of collections from venues further than 10 miles from Wickford is as follows:  10 - 20 miles  £30.00,  20 - 30 miles  £40.00,  30 - 40 miles  £50.00  over 40 miles £70.00. This is charged at The Orchid Rooms discretion.


6    The Orchid Room will remove as many stamens in lilies where visibly possible.  If stamens appear on an unopened lily during the course of the day, then it will be the Clients responsibility to remove them. The Orchid Room will not accept liability for any damage caused by lily pollen.

7    I understand that if magnets are used in the Mothers/Nans corsages, that I have confirmed that no wearer has been fitted with a pacemaker or other mechanical implant.

8    The Orchid Room accepts no liability to damage caused by water spillage on furniture, soft furnishings etc, all containers and vases will be fully checked and water tight and stable on delivery to venue.

In the case of Marquee installations - We reserve the rights to place Tall Vase arrangements on tables if we feel the floor is uneven, If you place the vases on the tables after we have left the venue - we will not accept liability in the event of an arrangement causing damage and harm to a third party. 

9    We will deliver your bouquets to your house/venue in perfect condition, and to maintain this freshness we recommend that you place hand tied bouquets with the stems showing, in cold water in the coolest part of the house/venue. Bouquets which are unable to be placed in water, should be sprayed with a water mister and placed in a cool place. NEVER PUT IN THE FRIDGE. Please keep small children and animals away from your flowers.

 10    We will not be held liable for any damage caused to your flowers after we have left your premises.

11     Any disputes or discrepancies must be made within one week of your wedding  date, by the bridal party or their representative.

12     Please note that any reductions to the original quotation must not exceed 10% of the quote. Unless under exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of The Orchid Room.


13    We may also terminate this arrangement (without liability) if (a) you are holding your wedding at a venue owned and managed by a third party and such third party cancels the wedding (for whatever reason) or (b) on the occurrence of a Force Majeure Event. In such circumstances you shall not be entitled to a refund.

I have read and understood the terms and conditions laid out in this contract and agree to abide by their contents. 

Payment of deposit is confirmation that you understand these terms and conditions 

even if contract hasn't been signed.

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